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  • News Entrega de diplomas para los alumnos del programa soporte educativo - Lliurament de diplomes per als alumnes del programa suport educatiu
  • Gastronomy Gastronomic route through Sant Josep de Sa Talaia - Ruta Gastronómica por Sant Josep de Sa Talaia - Ruta Gastronòmica per Sant Josep de Sa Talaia
  • News Bedecida countryside tradition of the Holy Patron of Sant Isidro - La tradición al campo bedecida por el Santo Patron de Sant Isidro - La tradició al camp bedecida pel Sant Patró de Sant Isidre
  • Sports XXIV multisport day of P.E. Sant Jordi - XXIV diada multideportiva de la P.E. Sant Jordi - XXIV diada multiesportiva de la P.E. Sant Jordi
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Sant Josep de Sa Talaia Television

Digital Magazine of the municipality

In our new digital magazine santjosep.tv you can find all the videos and articles related to the Municipality.

  • Video of the month. A monthly summary of events that occur in our municipality where the team of Sant Josep TV was present.
  • Its tourism offer. Complete and varied, for all tastes, from the best parties to the most peaceful and cozy corners.
  • Its Beaches. Walking all josepina coast from the east, heading Plajta d’en Bossa, the west coast of the island of Ibiza, to the north of the municipality on the border with Portmany, where we will find the beaches of Cala de Bou.
  • Its villages. Beginning primarily Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, continuing as clockwise to Sant Jordi de Ses Salines. Glancing at Sant Francesc de S’Estany, poking us the Es Cubells Cliff’s and relaxing in the quiet village of Sant Agustí d’Es Vedra.
  • Its patron saint festivities. Every village wearing their best clothes for their special day, every saint moves his virgin, and then to enjoy the evening!.
  • Its heritage and history with the Ball Pagès, ancestral “caramelles” or historical events of a little known josepin.
  • Its Culture. Knowing the current artists and lovers of the municipality, the most authentic chefs, and music that always sounds in every corner.
  • Its Sports Events.  You will find an infinity of different sports disciplines and championships that are organized in Sant Josep.

Check out the channel, were you can find meny meny more things and interesting videos of our town. Besides the most important news to those which we have attended.

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Som Saliners, The New Plan to Increase Sant Jordi - Som Saliners, El Nuevo Plan de Dinamización de Sant Jordi - Som saliners, El Nou Pla de Dinamització de Sant Jordi.

Som Saliners, The New Plan to Increase Sant Jordi

February 25th | by Miriam Búa

This morning the team Sant Josep TV accompanied the team of Government of the City of Sant Josep the presentation and commissioning of Commercial Revitalization Plan de Sant Jordi, with the slogan Som Saliners. The ceremony was attended by the ...


Es Cavallet, the nudist beach par excellence - Es Cavallet, la playa nudista por excelencia - Es Cavallet, la platja nudista per excel·lència

Es Cavallet, the nudist beach par excellence

In this video we will walk through Es Cavallet, the nudist beach par excellence because it is one of the pioneers in the subject of nudity in Spain. It is located in the south east of the municipality, within the Natural Park of Ses Salines, side and therefore quite virgin is still preserved, being surrounded ...

Sant Josep de Sa Talaïa

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines

Sant Francesc de S'Estany

Sant Agustì d'Es Vedrà